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Camera Stabilizer

550.00 / day

0-3 days : 550.00 550.00 / day
4-6 days : 500.00 500.00 / day
7 days+ : 450.00 450.00 / day

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Camera stabilizer Rental in Bangalore, it have several useful features, such as a quick-release plate that can be adjusted to weight of the camera, as well as an flexible body that helps for holding weight balance.

Camera Stabilizer rental in Bangalore

This compact handheld system takes away the need for tripods or dolly’s, when the camera is in motion which helps videographer to make smooth videos. It provides a camera platform with both x and y adjustments, and multiple mount holes for various camera positions.

In Simpex Camera stabilizer have

  • Large number of counterweights on the bottom make it easy to adjust the vertical balance,
  • Accommodating larger,
  • Professional-quality cameras as well as smaller ones.

Importance of picking in bokehdots camera stabilizer

1. Weight

Most camera stabilizers are fairly light, but some of them heavier and it could be used while balancing with the camera secured.

2. Balance

The balance of a camera stabilizer it perhaps even more so than its weight. Balance is measured by both how well it balances camera and how easy it is to balance. A balanced stabilizer will be less clumsy to use, making our job easier.

3. Batteries

Most models require batteries to power the brushless motors.

4. Versatility

Stabilizers have to be versatile enough to accommodate cameras of various sizes, as well as accommodate different shooting styles. The most desirable Camera stabilizers rental in Bangalore can be set up in multiple ways to accommodate various shooting styles.

5. Price

Camera stabilizer Rental in Bangalore can vary in price dramatically. it’s not uncommon to find bokehdotz camera stabilizer rental per day priced at ₹550.00 and

0-3 days : ₹550.00 / day

4-6 days : ₹500.00 / day

7 days+ : ₹450.00 / day

Some Features of Camera stabilizer rental in Bangalore

  • Top plate can be adjusted on both X and Y-axis.
  • Aluminium made handheld stabilizer with micro balancing technique, that allows you to precisely balance the set up with ease, most importantly saving your time.
  • Stretch adjustment improves weight ratio, and reduces the clump weights greatly.
  • Foam cushioned handle grip attached to 3-axis lets your hand move up & down and side to side, isolating unwanted hand’s motion from the camera.
  • Vertical balance can be adjusted by varying amount of counterweights on the base platform or by changing the length of tool-less telescopic central post.