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Simpex 11T Tripod

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Simpex 11T Tripod

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Simpex 6302 Tripod –  Rental Bangalore

It is very good performance. Simpex 11t tripod is using for digital cameras.  Simpex 11t Tripods have 3 legs and mounting heads to couple with a camera. Which is designed for DSLR/ SLR camera and its load capacity is 5000 g and its height range 745mm and 1520mm and its material made from an aluminum oval section. All tripods have 3 legs and mounting heads. Tripod will reduce camera movement and improves picture quality. Simpex 11t Tripod is used as portability this will make easier and comfortable for you to work while focusing and shooting.  Simpex 11t Tripod is great for shooting videos. Tripods for rent in Bangalore with a large range of variety. Bokehdotz has a huge collection of Simpex 11t Tripod for rent in Bangalore. We provide easy returns and great value for money.

Product Description

  • Load Capacity: 5000 g
  • Leg Sections: 3
  • Quick Release: Yes
  • Head Type: 3 Way Pan Head
  • Weight: 4000 g
  • Material: Aluminum Oval Section
  • Designed for: DSLR/SLR Camera, Point & Shoot Camera
  • Leg Lock Type: Leg Lock
  • Independent Leg Spread: Yes

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