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Sennheiser XS Wireless Microphone

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Sennheiser XS Wireless Microphone

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Sennheiser XS Wireless Microphone

Small solution — great performance.

  • Easiest handling
  • Excellent live sound
  • Reliable transmission

Great performance


Sennheiser developed XS Wireless for those who want to concentrate on their talent, their message, their passion — and not their microphone equipment. Just switch it on and its automatic frequency management does the rest. You can operate up to ten wireless connections simultaneously. No matter whether you’re in a band, a theater or at a seminar: XS Wireless 1 makes you free to do your thing.

Excellent live sound.

XS Wireless delivers acclaimed Sennheiser quality. Microphones with feedback protection and high-grade components yield an open, forceful sound. The receiver comes in an updated version that is designed to be easy to use. No lengthy set up — just go! These microphones and transmitters are proven classics — the result of decades of German engineering.

Reliable transmission.

On stage, you have to put up with a lot of things — so does your equipment. XS Wireless is built to last: Transmitters and microphones are sweat-resistant and withstand even the toughest stress in everyday on-stage use.

  • Eco-friendly USB-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries—1-hour charging to reach 50% of battery time
  • 5-hour total battery life gives you plenty of shooting time
  • Conveniently recharge batteries via USB while in operation or during breaks throughout the day
  • Up to five systems can be operated simultaneously in the same environment
  • Low 3.9 ms latency with aptX Live codec specifically designed to maximize digital wireless microphone performance
  • Mute from either transmitter or receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • USB-C Cable
  • Beltpack Clip
  • 3.5mm Curled Cable mic
  • Hotshoe Mount
  • Carry Box